Traveller North Malaysia find it food of tradition Perlis,Kedah,Langkawi Islands

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pulut Manis ( Sweet Sticky Rice ) & Acar ( Kurma & Lemon Fruit ) Food Malaysia

Pulut Manis ( Sweet Sugar Cane Sticky Rice )

In Malays Traditional Food is a delicious food from sticky rice.That recipe from hereditary.
Pass along 100years ago the Malays traditional in village was working in paddy fields,two type of category rice & sticky rice they are planting for food traditional.The main dietary sources of malay villlagers around in Perlis,State at North Malaysia

1.Sticky Rice
2.Sugar Cane
3.Coconut Milk (Fresh )
4.White Sugar
5.Pandan Leaf

Acar Limau & Buah Kurma 
(Acar Lemon & Kurma Fruits)

The Food Acar is sweet sour some spicy a popular on Malaysia,Indian & Arabic people to eat everydays with white rice & Spice Rice,meat,lamb curry
A food popular as flavoring supplements for festivity wedding.

1)Lemon Fruit  2)Kurma  Fruit  3)Garllic  4)Spanish Onion  5)Olive Oil 6)Meat Spices   7)Vinegar     8)Sugar & Salt

Pulut Manis & Acar Lemon Kurma can get at any place in Malaysia
 is a food traditional serve a catering around in Perlis,State at North Malaysia.
This food can order at anytime for festivity. A popular food in Ramadhan month
Some pack & sale in around Perlis State & Brunei also popular received order every year. The Muslim Product & Halal